Delft Vaart

  De smalste grachtjes met de mooiste verhalen 



The city of Delft with its characteristic and well-known new church exudes history in all its facets. The trade, beer and textile were the sources of wealth on which Delft is based. The perhaps most beautiful city center in South Holland has a rich history and has undergone many changes. Delft is still a city with a medieval canal and street pattern and many hundreds of monumental buildings. The city of Delft is also full of beautiful stories of her residents, young and old.

With Delft Vaart you get the unique opportunity to experience all this beautiful from the water and listen to the stories of residents. An experienced skipper guides you through the city for an hour and sails through the many narrow canals that Delft is rich. A snack and a drink can also be enjoyed on board. You can book the catering easily with your boat trip.

Interested? You can obtain more information or arrange your reservation by:

Delft Vaart (Information & Booking Tours)


If you want to make a cruise within now and 5 days, you can contact directly at number 06-10952156.


You can get up at different stops throughout the city (see map). When you step up at the Fish Bank pick-up point, you can park off (Phoenix Park parking) and walk to the pick-up point in 5 minutes. Parking for the pick up at  Lef restaurant is available at the Paardenmarkt. Finally, you can get up at Gelaterie de Lelie and simply park in the Zuidpoort garage.